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Imagine waking up every morning with flawless eyebrows that are the envy of others? This can be a reality with microblading by Julie Shipley Brow Stylist.

Not everyone is blessed with eyebrows like Cara Delevigne. Instead, microblading creates fuller, natural looking eyebrows and is the perfect treatment for people in the pursuit of correcting and perfecting over plucked, thinning or sparse eyebrows, or even those who have naturally good brows and just want more definition. With its precise application, microblading creates a super natural finish and delivers long lasting results.

I perfected my microblading skills at the K.B Pro Training Academy, the UK’s number one permanent cosmetics training facility and as a HD Brows Master Stylist, I have the very best skills, knowledge and experience to make sure your new eyebrows perfectly frame your face. I also use the hand held tool, which allows me to draw in detail on each brow to simulate real hairs for a flawless finish.

Every microblading treatment is a three part process that’s completed in two separate appointments. 

The consultation

Here I’ll talk to you in detail about the look that you are trying to achieve and what I recommend is right for you, from the shape to the colour. The consultation is very much a two way street, where I listen to what look you’d like to have and advise you the best way to do this.

Once I know what style and shape of eyebrow you want, I then draw the brows on with makeup pencil. This can be redone and adjusted as many times as you wish, as I want to make sure that you’re completely happy with what your brows are going to look like before we begin the treatment. Every eyebrow shape, colour and intensity is matched individually to you, based on your facial features, preferences and to perfectly blend with your existing hairs. 

Pre treatment advice

You will achieve much better results if you properly prepare for your Microblading procedure. The eyebrow area must be healthy, strong, non-sensitive and non-irritated.

Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may be swollen or red, it is advised that you do not make social plans for the same day. 

Be prepared for the colour intensity to be significantly sharper and darker immediately after the treatment. This will subside and become lighter as the tissue heals. This process can take up to 10 days. 

How to prepare your skin for the treatment:
  • Do not pick/tweeze/wax/perform electrolysis one week before.
  • Gently exfoliate your brow are the evening before your treatment to remove any dead skin. This will help with pigment retention. 
  • Do not tan two weeks prior or have a sunburned face.
  • Do not have any type of facial/peel 2 weeks prior to treatment..
  • Discontinue Vitamin A/Retinol products one month prior to treatment as these thin the skin considerably.
  • Do not work out on the day of the procedure as the body heat expands the pores. It is recommended not to sweat (heavily) for the first 10 days after the procedure. Sweat is salt and can prematurely fade the treated area. 
  • Do not have botox 3 weeks prior. This can effect the symmetry of your brows. 
  • Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week prior (natural blood thinners). 
  • Do not wax or tint your eyebrows less than 3 days before the procedure.
  • If you would like to pre numb the brow area before your appointment, please feel free to purchase numbing cream from the chemist & Follow the instructions enclosed. 
How to avoid excessive bleeding and poor colour deposit:

Anticoagulants lengthen the time it takes for blood to clot. Anti-platelet drugs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen prevent your blood from clotting. This causes the treatment area to bleed more and the pigment will be pushed out of the skin. 

  • Do not drink alcohol 24-48 hours before your tattoo.
  • Do not consume coffee/caffeine 12 hours prior to your treatment.
  • Do not take any aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief (this thins the blood). However you must not discontinue any medication before consulting your doctor. 
  • Avoid oily fish, garlic and herbal teas for 24-48 hours before your procedure to avoid blood thinning. Other natural blood thinners to avoid include green tea and spices such as turmeric & ginger. 
  • Please check with your GP prior to your appointment if you are on any medication that may cause blood thinning. 
On the day of your treatment:
  • Drink plenty of water before your appointment and don’t arrive hungry.
  • Occasionally pigment droplets could splash on clothing and stain. I recommend wearing dark clothing where possible. 

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Julie on 07786377404.

The treatment

Using only the best industry tools and methods, the microblading treatment involves me creating tiny precision hair-like strokes by hand that mimic the appearance of natural hairs. In doing so, pigment is implanted into the skin by the microblades and the sensation is similar to a light scratch. But don’t worry, as numbing cream can be applied to the area prior to the treatment meaning there’s minimal discomfort. A microblading treatment cannot be rushed and I take the time that’s needed to leave you with beautifully defined, realistic looking and fuller eyebrows. An average microblading treatment by me from my home based salon in Longridge, Preston, is between 2-3 hours.

Once complete, I will take you though how to care for your new brows. As with any permanent makeup treatment, the eyebrow may look up to 50% darker in colour than what was chosen during the consultation, but rest assured that this will soon fade to your chosen colour. It is also completely normal for your eyebrows to flake or peel during the early stages. I provide every client with the best aftercare products and advice on how to care for your new eyebrows to make sure the ends results are fantastic. 

The retouch

A second appointment is needed around six weeks after your first treatment to add more pigment into the brow area. As the eyebrows heal after the treatment, some areas of the brow may not hold all the pigment meaning that you may have some patches that need more colour. This is completely normal as everyone heals differently. Whatever the level of retouch you need, I make sure every clients comes back to the salon for their complimentary top up to make sure they have perfect eyebrow results. Microblading usually lasts between 12-18 months depending on your skin type and I always recommend returning to my salon for an annual colour boost to keep your new brows looking fabulous. 

Aftercare advice

Surface healing time usually takes up to 10 days to complete, although each individual will react differently. If you are feeling less than 100% healthy, it may take longer to heal and symptoms can appear more prominent. Proper care following your treatment is necessary to achieve the best results. 

For the first day:

Please remember that the colour is up to 50% DARKER immediately after the treatment. It will start to become lighter after 4-7 days. The true healed colour will not come through until approximately 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. During the healing process, the colour may seem to have disappeared as it is obscured by the healing layers of skin. Under no circumstances should you have any further permanent cosmetics work undertaken during this four to six week period. 

  • With clean hands, gently blot the area throughout the day with a clean tissue to absorb excess lymph fluid. Removing this fluid prevents hardening if any blood plasma/lymph. 
  • Ice packs protected with a cloth may be applied as necessary if swelling occurs.
Daily aftercare routine:

Follow this routine for at least one week following the treatment, or until it has healed. This is necessary to achieve the best-healed results. 

  • Always wash your hands before touching the treated area. 
  • Wipe daily to remove bacteria and dead skin. With a very light touch, gently cleanse the eyebrows each morning and night using sterile water to slightly dampen a cotton pad. Use a different pad for each brow. To dry gently pat with clean tissues. 
  • When completely dry apply a rice grain amount of the balm provided a minimum of four times daily. You should do this using a clean cotton bud for each application (this will prevent infection). Be sure not to over-apply as this will suffocate your skin and delay healing. The balm should be barely noticeable on the skin. NEVER apply the balm on wet or damp skin. 
  • I recommend you use a gentle facial cleanser or wipe to clean the rest of the face during the healing period. 
  • Keep hair away to prevent any infection. 
  • If the area gets wet, gently pat dry using clean lint-free tissue. Do not rub. 
  • Use a fresh pillowcase. 
Two to five days after the treatment:

You may experience the following for two to five days after the treatment:

  • Tenderness
  • Flaking
  • Dryness and itchiness 
  • Swelling and redness

If you are feeling less than 100% healthy it may take longer for your treatment to heal and symptoms may appear more prominent.

Important "DO NOTS":

During this period you also need to look after the treatment area in other ways:

  • Some itching is normal. Do not pick, peel, or scratch the treatment area. This may result in the colour healing unevenly and you could also risk scarring and infection. Allow the wound to flake on its own. 
  • Do not apply makeup until 72 hours after the treatment. Avoid applying makeup to the treatment area until the wound has completely exfoliated. 
  • Do not expose the healing skin to extreme heat, cold, or moisture for two weeks following your treatment. This includes direct sunlight, tanning beds, jacuzzis, saunas, salt water, chlorinated pools, direct shower spray, hot water,  fake tan, skin creams, or ointments other than what you have been instructed to use.
  • Do not apply petroleum type ointments to the area for a week after the treatment. After this time, ointments of this type can be applied and are recommended if you plan to use chlorinated pools and jacuzzis. 
  • Do not take part in any strenuous activity which could result in perspiration for one week. 
  • Avoid all hair removal and tinting treatments for two weeks after the procedure
  • Do not use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic or AHA), or any exfoliants. 
Important note about showering

Limit your showers to 5 minutes so you do not create too much steam. Keep your face out of the water while you wash your body. At the end of your shower, wash your hair. You could protect the treated area with a CLEAN, DRY flannel. Avoid excessive rinsing and hot water on the treated area. 

Long term care

Permanent cosmetics are a low maintenance treatment, not a no-maintenance treatment. 

  • In order to keep your permanent cosmetics in perfect condition, it may be necessary to have a maintenance procedure around every 12 to 18 months, though this will vary for each individual. 
  • To avoid pigment fade for as long as possible, avoid excessive exposure to the sun or UV rays. Always use a good sunscreen/sunblock once the area has healed. Make it part of your daily routine even in the winter or cloudy days. 
  • Take care when using moisturisers and other skin products that contain glycolic or fruity acids as these can fade permanent makeup. 
  • If you are planning an MRI scan, chemical peel, or any other similar procedures please inform your practitioner that you have had permanent cosmetics. 
  • If you are a blood donor, you may not be eligible to give blood for four months post-procedure.
  • If you are having anti-aging injectables or cosmetic surgery, remember these procedures can alter the shape of your eyebrows. 
  • Laser hair removal can fade and change the shade of your brow procedure, always advise the laser technician you are wearing permanent cosmetics and they can act accordingly. 

Why microblading?

My clients have so many different reasons as to why they come to me for microblading treatments, such as:

  • To save time filling in their brows each morning
  • Medical reasons such as alopecia, hairloss or chemotherapy
  • The brows don’t smudge or smear off – great for those with an active lifestyle!
  • It’s completely safe and virtually painless
  • It delivers natural looking eyebrows that makeup often cannot achieve